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Science is always evolving.  Some of the facts have changed in the time since the Rockaxeon lyrics were originally written.

Can you conceive...” - Rockaxeon


Our solar system formed about 4.5 billion years ago from a dense cloud of interstellar gas and dust. When this dust cloud collapsed, it formed a solar nebula – a spinning, swirling disk of material. 

At the center, gravity pulled more and more material in. With that, our Sun was born, and it eventually amassed more than 99% of the available matter. 

Matter farther out in the disk was also clumping together. These clumps smashed into one another, forming larger and larger objects. Some of them grew big enough for their gravity to shape them into
spheres, becoming planets, dwarf planets, and large moons. 

Sand...and water...and air” - Rockaxeon
I could make things from rocks” - Rockaxeon