“Africa is one of those songs that remain inside our lives, like memories that will never disappear when we touch our heart or the memories that we have inside. The patience of this work encourages us to enjoy each moment as the best of all, as if it were the peak of our reflections. All this, thanks to the very direct and decisive voice of the artist, who takes us to a perfect space of peace. This song is purity. It is the honesty you are looking for.” Indie Criollo

“The American musician Darien Martus, released on the 1st of October, his newest studio album, entitled “Rockaxeon”. Featuring an elegant and high quality Progressive Rock, the work features 7 songs in about 70 minutes, with great emphasis on the great title track and “Africa”. ” - Liandro Vianna, Roadie Metal

“Africa” by Darien Martus is a captivating rock anthem with an imaginative concept, painted with vivid and mysterious lyrics. Starting out simply with acoustic guitar and a lead vocal, the track transforms from a moody ballad to theatrical rock, combining an eclectic range of sounds and influences. From layers of chanting background vocals to a raging saxophone solo, there are plenty of surprising moments musically that add to the arrangement’s eccentricity and depth.

Instead of aiming for a conventional build up, the presence of each instrument clearly comes from an intentional choice—allowing the lyrics to speak louder in certain parts, or to fade into the background, contributing to the bigger picture. Martus has the voice of a wise storyteller, and his bold vocals add character to the song—an element that’s irreplaceable.

His lyrics beautifully bring nature and history to life. “Great beasts can roam the ocean, birds fly to the southern skies.” He creatively writes from the perspective of a man who’s one of the first to exist: “walking alone with the sound of my feet with this beautiful stone, I can build, I can sleep.”

Memorable and flowing with imagination, the songwriting of “Africa” is carefully thought out and blossoms through its intricate instrumentation. Its ambiance and detailed imagery transports you into the story’s world.” Saya Mochizuki and Staff, Please Pass the Indie

“American singer Darien Martus knew how to create something that messes with the head of those who have contact with his music video to promote Rockaxeon.

A heavy, well-structured composition that has images in a psychedelic vibe gives space for your voice to take place a lyric that stays in the head from the first moment for its differentiated way of singing.

It's worth every second watched”. Fabio Menon, Roadie Music

“All that you need to understand and understand what is happening in the world is in the dramatic lines of the new song -Darien Martus-. Here is the main emphasis on the manner of execution and the general atmospheric tone of the narrative. A deep track that says the most important things of our reality.” Nagamag

“Struck by the somber guitar, the air is filled with melancholy and fairytale vibes. What’s it take to think outside the box/ To run on different clocks/ And know that it’s ok/ Hey? sings Darien Martus with a soft voice and heartwarming demeanor. The guitar paces itself to accompany the songwriter in his ethereal delivery and angel-like approach to discussing rather heavy, existential matters with the audience via the questions posed in the narrative. What’s it take to try to change again/ And see beyond the end/ To find another way?

Evolution of the mind/ Takes time, takes time, lands the very curt and monumental chorus. Albeit swift, the hook section does take on a more melodic tone than the verses.

So give it all a break/ It takes what it will take/ Some things can’t be forced/ To mutate, with the last word we hear the arrival of some heavier kicks and a light snare. An organ-like synth is added to the mixture rendering the sonic frame that of an intergalactic reunion between the leaders of the stars. This is sincerely enthralling and mesmerizing for Darien Martus delves into the subject at hand without hesitation or regard for current music trends. Such a courageous and acoustically unique accomplishment!

Living on a thousand years or more/ Not having any war/ And find another way/ …/ And there’s a future there/ For ones who learn to care, discloses the songwriter his futuristic vision of humanity’s ascension to a more spiritual state in which harmony and compassion lead the moral compass of societies across the globe. None of us will be around for it but it sure is nice hearing it depicted with so much soul and musical excellency from a voice and talent such as Darien Martus’.

The tranquil, almost romantic ending of Evolution of the Mind reiterates the need of time doing its thing and mental changes spanning over many, many, many years. The song, from start to end, appears as a whisper meant to speak to your soul and guide you with hope and dreamy music to a progressively different world waiting for us in the distant future. But if we can see it, we will create it.”  Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

“Calling to us through the ages, ‘Rockaxeon’ is epic in the truest meaning of the word. A operatic rock poem about rocks, it smashes through any preconception you might have with prehistoric might and harder than granite riffs. Vocally, it is gorgeously performed with the passion and emotive energy of the pen and creativity that went into it. Martus has a magnificent range and he easily navigates from the soft and soulful to a powerful growling belt. The song has a truly mesmeric progression, beginning as a spacey surreal art rock jam and slowly diving into more operatic territory before coming out the other side full frenzy with psychedelic rock power. There is no point where what you’re listening feels disconnected from the last, the pace and movement is seamless. Yet the scope of it when you look back is as collosal and timeless as the narrative of the piece itself. With all of this you might expect it to be impossible for such a piece of high concept art to have a hook or chorus but again you’d be wrong. Crafted by skilled hands and formed from the Earth itself the swell of the chanting main refrain is dizzying and mesmeric. The intricate instrumentation, beautiful build, perfect production, and bard like storytelling make for a track that truly does defy the centuries. It is timeless. This is a masterful talent and the heart that has gone into the project is only matched by the prodigious skill. ” - Matt Miles, Yack Magazine